Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Film Photography Day in Kuching.

This day (April 12, 2013) is inducted by Lomography as the day of the year to celebrate the unplugging of digital things and gadgets in our lives. It is a day to switch back to the wonders of the analogue life.But since April the 12th is a working day (Friday) The Lomohunter of Kuching decided the meet-up of analogue lover is on the weekend 13th April,2013 (Saturday).Lomography is encouraging lomographers around the world, to create parties, events, lomo-walks to celebrate this day. But since I have another assignment  so I could not join the event that was organize by our young Kuching talented lomographers.
Photo Credit to Shah Zur'ain from Lomohunter Kuching.  
Photo Credit to Reza Tool.

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